According to Wikipedia , The League of Women Voters (LWV) is an American civic organization that was formed to help women take a larger role in public affairs after they won the right to vote. It was founded in 1920 to support the new women suffrage rights.

I learned of the local chapter when I was the Wake County GOP 2nd Vice Chair. I met with the leadership as they were out registering people to vote. I don’t know if we shared the same political views, but the women made room, offered me a seat at the table, where together we sat registering people to vote.

Since then, there have been times I feel as though I’m the only conservative at their event. However, the LWV continues to extend an invitation for me to attend or to share my views as a candidate in their surgery.

Q: What do you see as your most important priority if you are elected?

The government should offer the best assistance and resources to parents, providing a safe and well-staffed comprehensive place to learn. According to Article 9 of the NC Constitution, the government is obligated through taxpayer monies to provide public education. Also, article 9, section 3, states an alternative instructional option is permissible.  I will advocate for families to have a choice in their education.

Burdensome regulations hinder economic growth. Where regulations are needed, protecting the people’s health and safety, regulations need to be tailored addressing those needs alone. By supporting small business owners, who often bring fresh new ideas to the area, encourages free-market and capitalism.

The burdens placed on small businesses by unnecessary licensing, restricts expansion and the economic benefits to a thriving society.By obtaining economic assessments for our area through qualified economists, not commercial development consulting firms, balance can be brought to NC incentives, attracting outside investors and corporations, while insuring North Carolinians's small businesses have the same opportunity, providing job growth and success for all of North Carolina workforce.

Re addressing the Born-Alive Abortion Act vetoed by my opponent, and by working with my life-valuing colleagues, I will protect our most vulnerable North Carolinians, the unborn." remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all." Elie Wiesel

Q: Education policy and funding issues have been in the news lately. What are your views and priorities on how this should be addressed in the coming year?

I believe both the public and private educational systems have a place in our society. Parents are the best in choosing the right educational system or combination that best suits the needs of their family. I would have voted for HB966/SB226, which would have increased educational spending as the GA has done since 2010.

Funding by the GA for education, between 2011-2018 collectively is $9.2 billion.The bill offered 5% raise over 2yrs. to state employees,4% raise to university and college workers, 3.9% to teachers and 2% to non-certified employees. The Governor and my opponent said it wasn't enough, but what they got was nothing. I am grateful and thankful for those who helped my children succeed.

Once elected, I will fight to ensure those monies are reallocated to the men and women on the front lines of our educational system. Thank you for your service to our children.

Q: What are your views about the tax policies in NC?

North Carolina has a lot to offer and my own opinion has recently changed regarding incentives. With four bordering states offering subsidies and incentives, hoping to attract companies and jobs into their state, I do not want citizens of North Carolinians to miss the opportunity of living in a competitive market. As a conservative, I always think taxes should be lower. NCGA has lowered taxes. The GA lowered Income tax, corporate tax, and franchise tax. Though I believe taxes are needed like oil in an engine, keeping things running smoothly, as a consumer I believe I know how to better invest than the government does.

Q: Many communities in North Carolina are experiencing significant violence.  Do you think that changes to the laws in our state would improve safety in our communities?

Written law and the interpretation of the laws of one man will never govern the heart of another individual. The root of violence in some of our neighborhoods and communities is the lack of personal value, respect, and the sense of being non-essential many in that community are bombarded with on a daily bases. When a person has a sense their life matters and that they are a contributing factor to the betterment of their society, there is a natural worth attached to that feeling value and purpose.

I believe leadership, especially local leaders and those in an authority positions have the unique opportunity to demonstrate, even initiate the valuing of others. Most conversations are one way. To accomplish change, communication where ideas are shared and listening is required, is the only way to effectively change anything. At no time is there an excuse for the behavior of the destructiveness the recent riots have brought to the doorstep of our capital. Lawlessness is a form of terrorism. I will not tolerate bullying of any nature.

by Kim Coley


Kim Coley. Candidate for North Carolina House - District 36.