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A strong economy is not driven by minimum wage requirements but by opportunity and education.

We must be tenacious in our educational focus from preschool to continuing educational opportunities. While some forums want recommitment to public schools, my question is, why are so many parents opting for an alternative? My accountability is to the parents, as the teacher’s commitment should be to his/her students.

I believe both the public and private educational systems have a place in our society. Both have reasons to give considerable thought to and to offer. Homeschooling has made great strides, equipping both the parents with choices and with the students with the opportunity to approach education from a different angle. Parents are the best in making those educational choices for their children. It is a parents right to choose the educational system or combination that best suits the needs of their family. There are some cases this scenario may not be true, but those cases are few.

The government should offer the best support to the families and opportunities to parents of the community. The government should provide not dictate, a safe, well-equipped, comprehensive place to learn. When the government does not perform the mandatory requirements, it is obligated by the taxpayer to provide. I believe it is the right for the taxpayer with children of educational age within the household to look elsewhere for their child’s developmental need, and also to be rightly credited for their willingness to educate their child through private or homeschool alternative.

I appreciate any teacher who has chosen to place time and energy in the next generation. This statement includes the Schools of Correction, like the one located in Cary. Schools like these allow the student with challenging behavior, confrontational background, or those with emotional needs to be in a more controlled environment, where they prosper in a learning center to cater to the challenges while focusing on the potential.

The state’s responsibility is to start at the desk of any child and look outward.  The educational role of government is to support the student from the desk. Educating by developing skills in writing, reading and athematic. Equipping each student to become a productive member of society. Then at an age-appropriate time, add critical thinking, communication and team building skills.

I love teachers. Teachers have chosen to teach a subject they are passionate about to age group suitable for the subject matter. Teachers are not required to minor in counseling, nursing, social work, or family therapy, and we should not as a society demand nor expect them to be experts in each field. Even the experts chose a workable ratio when dealing with those needing the special attention. However, I believe our teachers are not getting the support promised; yet desperately need. Our schools are top heavy with overpaid administration, while our teachers are underpaid. Our teachers’ need a supporting staff to include resource officers, assistants, nurses, counseling/ social worker that are trained in understanding the keys to unlocking the light within. If you are a teacher, you don’t have to rock the boat. I’m tipping it over for you. Because of teachers like you and daily sacrifice, my children flourished.

Not every student learns at the same pace. Every student has different gifts and talents. I would like to see the trade credits within the high school. Then graduating productive engaged taxpayers into the workforce of the community.

Community College is a valuable asset to our community for more than just gap year students but for those continuing education or trade skills. I am a strong proponent of Wake Technical College.

I would like to see businesses receive a tax credit for their partnership with furthering education. A company or local accredited business would offer classes providing additional education for a career change, advance, or adding to their existing resume.  Computer software or Marketing Company are examples of projected job placements we will need in the future. The connection opportunities available in North Carolina between the public, private sector, and the worker is unlimited. I want to develop a win-win for our state by encouraging these partnerships of education, apprenticeships, internships, allowing accreditation within a reasonable time frame for the worker, and a strong workforce for the economy as it continues to grow.